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  1. The new keyboard shortcuts aren't context sensitive enough. For example, command-A selects all notes in the note list. That seems sensible if I'm in the notes list, but if I'm typing in the Search box, for example, command-A should select all the text in the search box - because that's the expected native behaviour for a text box. But that doesn't happen - even though I'm not even looking at the notes list, command-A selects everything there, and (because the key-presses are swallowed) the search box I'm actually using ignores it. There are loads of similar little micro-annoyances i
  2. Thanks! I did already have a Direct install, but I tried a clean and re-install anyway. It has helped - creating a new note is taking maybe 3-5 seconds now, so it's much quicker than before. Still not exactly snappy but better.
  3. Hi, thanks for the reply! It's a 2-year old Macbook Pro with 16gb RAM Version: Evernote Mac 7.14 (458244) Editor: 69.3.10951 Locale: en-GB-GB OS: 10.15.2 WebKit: 608.4.9 WebCore: 608.4.9 Mac Model: MacBookPro14,3 CPU Type: Intel CPU Count: 8 CPU Speed: 2.900000 GHz RAM: 16.000000 GB Is the best next step to get a few examples of the activity log when I click on "New note" and submit them in a bug report at https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/requests/new ?
  4. It takes over 10 seconds (from clicking on "New Note" to the new empty note being ready for typing into). Is this normal? Is this just what Evernote is like, or does this suggest a problem with my install or notes?
  5. If I use emoji in notes entered on Android or iOS, they show up fine. But when synced to Windows, they show up as a unicode code instead like &128197; It'd great if this would be supported on Windows... either by providing instructions on what I'd need to do to enable native Windows support for it (I'm on Windows 7) or by bundling/including your own emoji font in the client.
  6. I've also got both of these questions... anyone know the answer?
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