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  1. @GrumpyMonkey: Thank you for taking the time to gather more information on the issue here is my current configuration: MacBook Pro Retina 15.4 running OS X 10.8.2 Evernote for Mac version 5.0.7 (400995) ScanSnap Manager 3.2 L63 ScanSnap S1500M hope this would help, also once I tried to scan a document into Evernote it crash with "illegal operation" and reimport all the notes, hope for a prompt resolution meanwhile I can work around with batch scanning and manual import. Thanks
  2. Have same issue with mine, EN 5.07 for Mac, latest ScanSnap drivers, accordingly to the sw update and EV crash every time I scan in a document forcing a rescan of 3000 notes, can I go back to previous version or should I skip the import into EV for the time being until issue is resolved?TIA
  3. Thanks guys for the support,I will have a list of issue that my team has collected to share with the forum and I am sure something good will come out of it. @BurgersNFries: I do agree on the due diligence, the original thought was that when you are using the Premium EN and have good experience you would expect the same by their business version since it is and extended functionalities rather than a brand new product. Regardless I always have a fall back plan and at $120/month is not a deal breaker and two months into it does not really constitute a long term commitment but rather a test phase, this of course it is just a personal opinion.
  4. Good morning everybody, jumped on the EN Business bandwagon with my 12 people team the day it went live. I have been a very big supporter of EN in my organization and as IT Manager I do have a lot of influence on what product the company should use, I have been in love with EN since I moved away from a more powerful but cumbersome DevonThink Pro but EN Business feels and act as an immature child not ready for prime time. I have place numerous tickets and gone through chats with tech support just to be informed that a lot of my problems are software related and the team is working on ironing the bugs out, so why introduce an half baked buggy software on the market targeting people that will use to be productive and conduct business? Am I the only one feeling this pain and over reacting? I do not see too much action out there on the EN business users community hopefully I am just an isolate case of disappointed customer. FC
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