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  1. I had a problem after upgrading to iOS7 that caused my iPhone 5 EN app to freeze up completely. I uninstalled and reinstalled and it fixed the problem, but I was not able to sync to all of my notes in my account (i.e., those appearing on desktop app, iPad, etc.); the phone just would show me the notes created after the reinstall. Another uninstall and reinstall fixed the problem. I now have all of my notes appearing on my iPhone.
  2. As long as you are up to date synced, reinstalling is no problem. I've reinstalled so many times since the in ios7 update! Enter your log in info, it auto syncs and all your stuff is there! gl I reinstalled my iPhone app via iTunes, and while the app is no longer frozen and is operating, it won't sync to all of my notes on desktop. I have attempted to manually sync on all of my devices and still no luck. Count me as another one hoping that Evernote fixes this BUG, and fast.
  3. So I ended up deleting the app from my phone and reinstalling it via iTunes and everything, once again, seems to be functioning. It's been a couple of days now, and I have come across no further issues. I will note that I had been running the latest version of the iPhone app for a couple of weeks before it froze up on me. Obviously, a fix for this situation will be most welcome by many.
  4. The install on my iPad seems to be functioning fine … it's just the iPhone where I am having difficulty.
  5. I am curious to find out if anyone else is experiencing difficulty with the new version of Evernote on the iPhone. It had been functioning properly after downloading the most recent version (iOS7), but then it stopped responding … it's basically frozen. Restarting/rebooting the device does not fix the problem. I am hoping that Evernote comes out with an update soon that might address the problem for me, but that assumes it's a widespread issue that others are experiencing.
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