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  1. The stated purpose of the UI overhaul was to get back to core functions. Auto-naming based on location and calendar events was key to that purpose and you've removed it. Please re-instate this key feature.
  2. Evernote has been plagued with so many issues and platform inconsistencies over the last couple of years that the Atlas feature was one of the few remaining things keeping me. You need to re-add this feature immediately or risk losing any competitive edge over any of your competitors you have left for business travelers.
  3. Really? No one else? No other thoughts? Oh well.
  4. I would also like to see #1 and #2 added. I have no need for #3 but it sounds like a good idea.
  5. I know it's already under review for the future, but please let me give a big hearty "+1" for this feature request!
  6. Hello, I've said it before on here and I'll say it again: I LOVE this app! I do, however, have another feature request. I would like much easier integration into Dropbox. I have two other scanner apps that shall go nameless that have Dropbox (and/or other cloud services) link options for one-click saving. Getting to Dropbox in Scannable is no easy feat and requires multiple clicks. I'd love a one-click option where I can authorize Scannable->Dropbox communication and... go... Thanks for listening, Chad
  7. Klang, I was so interested in being terse and witty that I failed to say that I appreciated your fast response and openness to the idea. So, thanks! Aussiebob, I hadn't thought of that, but you are right. There are plenty of great reasons to have Scannable geotag images and PDFs even if they don't go into Evernote.
  8. I am very much in love with this new app! The other day after a meeting I scanned in the other person's brochure, business card, and handwritten notes. Scannable detected the business card in the middle and when it arrived in Evernote there were two notes: one for the card and one for the rest. Until this app came out, I was using the business card and document camera features in Evernote with low to medium success. On my iPad the camera feature rarely worked or crashed. On the iPhone it requires the use of the flash which eats battery and is poor form to use in a meeting. And often the flash made it harder to read the content, not better. Scannable, on the other hand, has better recognition and works just fine without the flash in all cases I've seen so far. There is just one thing missing: location data. I would love to use this in meetings and network events to capture notes and business cards but I like to have the cards tied to the event both in terms of creation date but also the Atlas for searching. Please consider adding location information to this app. For Evernote notes it would just be in the normal note place. For other export/share options it could easily be added to the metadata for images or PDFs. Thanks for your time and keep up with this fantastic app. It is truly miles ahead of anything else out there. Sincerely, Chad Lawson
  9. Hello, First of all let me say that Evernote is my go-to suite for managing my... well, everything. It truly is my "external brain" as it were. I am a proud Premium member and use the application on my Mac, iOS devices, and web on a daily basis. For that reason, I would like to take this time to document some issues and concerns I have been having. I have held off in the hope that it would get better and then waiting for the new versions after Yosemite and iOS 8 but instead things are getting worse. BUG: The Document Camera feature is broken on my iPad mini. I have tried everything. I've "force quit" the app, rebooted, logged out, deleted/re-installed the app, and even reinstalled the OS. Document camera at best will crash when a photo is taken and at worse completely lock up the app when I call it up. BUG: The iOS version on my 4S will show me the login screen or present a dialog that it couldn't connect to the sync service on launch more often than not. It has only happened a couple of times on the iPad. BUG (or feature request): I can not cut/paste non-text items (photos, attachments) from phone note to another on iOS. Due to the document camera issue mentioned above, I have often used my phone to capture documents into a note while continuing to type on my iPad. The document will come in as a second note, but I can not cut and paste the items into my typed note. UI Frustrations: 1) On both iOS platforms, I can use the shortcuts to get to "Document Camera" mode but all it does is get me to the camera. Unless it was the last feature I used, I still have to select it as the camera mode. 2) Getting in and out of "full screen" mode and/or making the sidebar disappear requires going to the top of the note. If I'm far down in a note during a meeting and I need to get to another note, scrolling all the way to the top to get to the arrow is a complete pain in the ASCII. 3) Similarly, getting access to tags can only be done at the top of the page and requires the 'i' to get to. These should be easier. Either through use of "pull down" or swipe gestures, the entire UI needs an overhaul for usability. 4) The list of things I can do on one platform but not another (modifying dates, tagging location via map, merge notes, create table of contents, tabs vs. spaces, etc.) is getting larger not smaller. I certainly don't want you to dumb down to the lowest common denominator of platforms, but please work towards closing this gap. All of these also come to this: I feel you are trying too hard to make one application do everything. Focus on making Evernote a GREAT note taking app, and separate out other features into other apps that can connect and hand-off instead. A mobile app should do one thing REALLY well and then connect to others for the rest. You have an amazing platform and infinite potential. Please don't try to do too much too fast. Focus on what made you great in the first place and keep that solid before building on top of it. Too many platforms/apps have made that mistake. Thanks for listening, Chad Lawson
  10. Thank you! I was just wondering if there was a way to do this! Hooray for you and Google!
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