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  1. Some people are seeing Spotlight issues if they have multiple versions of Evernote on their machine such as in the trash and other places. In these cases the operating system can't find the right importer to use. If you use Console and search on Spotlight you should see an item for PM mdimport: Paths. Expand this and you'll see all of the spotlight apps and their paths. There should only be one for Evernote. Can you make sure to delete other versions of Evernote on your machine. Also try to log out and log back in to force the spotlight reindexing to re-occur. Anyway, let me know if any of my suggestions help. OK, yep. Only one there after updating to the 6.0.9 beta, and it's the 'right' one: 4/2/15 3:56:24.459 PM mdimport[996]: Paths: id(501) ( ... "/Applications/Evernote.app/Contents/Library/Spotlight/EvernoteSpotlightImporter.mdimporter", ... ) Now, I am seeing -some- of my notes indexed, and others not. And the log shows: Version: Evernote Mac 6.0.9 Beta (451460 2015/04/02 15:56:25:516 I|* __49-[ENNoteIndexHelper queueNotesThatNeedReIndexing]_block_invoke_2 | 0 notes need spotlight re-indexing for store 8811008B-E522-4C94-878E-4C553962CD8B I suppose I could do a full-on-spotlight rebuild.
  2. Spotlight indexing... not working again under 6.0.8. From the log- 2015/03/30 20:27:06:260 W|** -[ENAppController checkSpotlightImporter] | mdimport reported no importer for Evernote
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