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  1. DALEYKLIPPINGS UPDATE: OSX Packages Available Going Forward DaleyKlippings has long been available in a Windows (32-bit) installer and Windows (32-bit) portable distribution. Several Mac versions were provided by the community, but support was sparse. To ensure that OSX users could get reliable support and upgrades for the program, I spent the time (and dealt with the headaches) to figure out how to package the App for OSX. From this point forward, OSX versions of the software should be available for every version. This newest version includes all of the recent improvements to the software: Enhanced support for non-English language usersNative CSV Import/ExportCustom settings are now stored in a User's Application Data folder (except for portable installation)Custom settings are preserved between upgradesEnhanced patterns including additional software versions and samples for non-English language usersAll versions can be downloaded from the DaleyKlippings download page. Source code available on Git (instructions on the website).
  2. I - for one - can't even figure out how to use the article clipper now that this feature is gone. No amount of clicking or button presses select the desired region for me. I didn't think anything could make me reconsider Evernote... but a completely non-functional web clipper would certainly do it. PLEASE map something... I vote for CTRL + arrow keys (currently unused and a trivially easy transition for advanced users). Please map the up and down arrows as well so we don't have to remember to press and unpress the CTRL key.
  3. The software is available in a Windows installer or Windows portable file. Some versions also have a Mac installer thanks to thearr (author of the original Klippings). If that's your platform, you can access the program at: http://daleyklipping...y.com/download/ If you are running Linux, I don't yet have an installer for you. However, you can use the source files off the same page if you're willing to install the needed packages. I suggest you use the same versions I do: Python 2.7.3 (http://www.python.org/getit/) PyQt-Py2.7 (http://www.riverbank...e/pyqt/download) PyQt dependencies (ONLY if it was not ncluded in the PyQt binary, see PyQt link for list) Qt (ONLY if it was not included in the PyQt binary, http://qt.digia.com/) simplejson (http://pypi.python.o...ypi/simplejson/)
  4. The original author was able to create installers for Win32, OS X, and Linux (Deb). For now, I'm working with the Python source code also provided by the original author. In principle, that code could be run on any platform, but requires you to install Python plus several libraries (I don't suggest this approach unless you're a programmer yourself). I have zero experience creating an installer and am hoping either (1) I am able to get in touch with the original author or (2) can find a forum member who's interested in the functionality can assist.
  5. So I wanted to get my Kindle Highlights and Notes (hereafter KNote) into Evernote. However, I wanted each Kindle Highlight (plus its KNote, if present) in a separate Evernote Note (hereafter ENote) so I was unhappy with the existing solutions like ClippingsConverter and a web capture at kindle.amazon.com. I did some digging/research and found a free Kindle Clippings application (Klippings, not to be confused with Klippings Kollector) that could be easily modified to achieve the desired outcome. This process is not fully automated (it creates an ENEX file that you must import into Evernotes), but it's pretty darn close. After resolving several issues for users, a release version is available at: http://daleyklipping...y.com/download/ How it Works As you may be aware, Kindle (Touch in my case) places highlights in a "My Clippings.txt" file using a format something like: ==========<Title> (<Author>)- Your <"Highlight" or "Note" or "Bookmark"> on Page <Page> | Location <Location> | Added on <Date><Text of Highlight or KNote>========== In sime cases, adjacent KNotes and Highlights are related. When possible, we automatically associate the KNote with the Highlight. This leads to thre scanrios: (1) Highlight alone, (2) Higlight with KNote, and (3) Knote alone (rare but possible). In all three cases, I create an ENote in Evernote and:Set the author to <Author> (if available)Add a tag for <Author> (special logic used to remove commas and enforce 100 char length)Add a tag for <Title> (special logic used to remove commas and enforce 100 char length)Set the created date to <Date>Add the tag "KindleClipping" (not critical, but the best way to indicate a source for the ENote)Add the tag "ConvertedByDaleyKilppings" (not critical, should help you remember the program if you ever need to)For a Highlight WITHOUT a KNote: I title the ENote "Highlight from Location <Location> of <Title>"The ENote is set to: Source: <Title>Author(s): <Author>Page(s): <Page>Location: <Location><Text of Highlight>For a KNote WITHOUT a Highlight: I title the ENote "Note from Location <Location> of <Title>"The ENote is set to: Source: <Title>Author(s): <Author>Page(s): <Page>Location: <Location><Text of KNote>For a KNote WITH a Highlight: I title the ENote "Note from Location <Location> of <Title>"The ENote is set to: Source: <Title>Author(s): <Author>Page(s): <Page>Location: <Location><Text of KNote>REGARDING HIGHLIGHT=========<Text of Highlight>=========END HIGHLIGHTThe program permits heavy customization of the output so you can make changes to these formats in the Export Settings tab.
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