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  1. I just like the idea of typing away and formatting appearing by itself - almost never have to undo it in the products where it's implemented adequately (e.g., OneNote). Remembering keyboard shortcuts is a bit last century. Having to work with over a dozen of different products, each with different shortcuts/keyboards and some without keyboards, I just gave up. It's an easy task to program an algo that understands what text is a list and formats it the way I want it with 99%+ accuracy. I'm sure someone at Evernote is smart enough to figure it out - it's been done before.
  2. The only feature that stops me from switching to evernote is very poor handling of lists. For example, if I start typing: 1. The editor should be smart enough to start a list when it sees a paragraph starting with 1. The editor is not smart enough to understand that this is a start of a list. Another issue is that if I start the list manually, like here, and want to add the nex level, the next level has the same number formatting as the current level, so there is no way to see which level you are on when dealing with longer lists. It would be more convenient if the next level was labeled with a letter or Roman numerals But I do need lists for writing article outlines or any kind of outlines in general... Adding those simple features and other list-handling things from common text editors would go long way.
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