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  1. Agreed. We just want a product that works and not something that changes every 5 minutes with a button moved from one side to another. Agreed that not enough testing is happening. I have been notified of an update to 5.05 but now make sure I do not update for at least 4 weeks to make sure all the bugs have been ironed out
  2. Hello Carla. I have had real problems and am on Mac 10.6. All my notes have gone and the sync button does not do anything. However I have just done a deinstall/reinstall using 5.0.4 as sent to me from someone from Evernote. It now looks like it might be working Moderator has updated this post to reflect current information.
  3. Yes I am at my wits end. Once again another Mac client that has not been tested properly. This is just totally unacceptable when you rely on this software to keep such vital information. It no longer syncs so I did the re-install advised by the sipport team and now I have lost all my notes! Luckily they are still on the server (for now). Not good enough Evernote. Please dont test your software out on me. This is not the first time this has happened and this has prompted me to look at alternatives.
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