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  1. This may be an obvious solution but I am not finding one. I keep seeing 2 new notebooks showing up that I did not create. Meeting - Past & Meetings - Upcoming. I have deleted both now several times they keep reappearing. I do not want them in my Notebooks list. How do I make them go away, permanently? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, KA7PLE
  2. I tried Everbot on both Gmail and the Google calendar. It never did work right on the Calendar. When I submitted a problem through their tool, I got one reply saying they would look into it, but never heard back from them again. I have since uninstalled the Everbot extension and don't plan on using it again. It's a great idea, and I think they were on the right track, but they need to up their game on support, and customer service if they want to see any real fruit from this tree. I also think they may need to do a bit more testing before they release a product. That's just my .02 worth.
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