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  1. I have been looking for a good android web clipper for use with Evernote for a while now and I finally found one that does a good job. I had never heard of Boat Browser but its a very good android browser with an excellent extension called Evernote Webclipper. I have tried Dolphin, Opera etc. and this is the only one that seems able to clip the entire web page. The extension costs about €2.
  2. Just received the following reply from support. My original question below that for clarity. Disappointing but not a show stopper in my case as many of the documents I intend to upload are smaller. Really should be solved though. I think EN needs to be careful to point out that groups of EN pdf notes are searchable but that the pdf note itself is not! Searching for a word means you find the word right?! I'm not so sure that's clear in the blurb. Dear Valued Customer, The highlighting is indeed a bug and there isn't a viable workaround at this time. It is something that we plan on fixing, but I don't have an estimate as to when that may be available. I'm truly sorry for the trouble. I wish I had better news for you. Please let me know if you have any questions. My original question below: I have many documents in PDF format. One of the reasons I went Premium was the ability of EN to search these documents. While EN finds the document/note the text is not highlighted as it would be when searching an image. This is a significant negative for me as I hope to upload a considerable number of larger PDF files for searching. From searching your forum this seems to be an issue that has not been resolved? If there isn't a work around for this please let me know if you plan to address it in future software updates. Thanks in advance.
  3. Would just like to join the call for highlighting the search term in the PDF document. As a new user one of the reasons I went Premium was the ability to search PDFs that I have scanned over the years. I don't really want to re-scan. EN correctly finds the document/note but the lack of text highlighting means that its not as useful as it could be, and in the case of larger documents it borders on useless!
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