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  1. I also had the same issue when trying to sync notes with pictures (full size) from Iphone 4 latest iOS. I had the issue a few months ago, then it was solved, and it started again last week. I had to delete evernote from my device and reinstall it. Then I recreated the notes and it synced fine. Needless to say that this is very annoying as I loose all my 1Go offline syncs on the iphone each time I delete the app. Then it takes ages to resync everything offline. If this happens randomly every 2 or 3 months I might consider start looking for a better solution despite the fact I love evernote.
  2. I just made a test with 4 full size pictures and it worked as a charm for the first time since november. Seems like the problem is solved. I was so annoyed by this bug that I stoped my premium membership today. But now that it seems to be fixed, I've just activated it again. Please Evernote staff can you confirm you've identified and solved the issue for good ?
  3. I just made a test again on iOS 6.0.1 with Iphone 4S : created a new note with 4 photos full size. I still get the error message and it won't sync. Problem definitely not solved.
  4. Hi. Welcome to the forums. Could you post your support ticket number here so that staff can look into this? Thanks! @grumpymonkey : my ticket nimber is #16051-198055. It was closed on 12/12/12 and I reopened it on 18th of December and sent more explanations on 20th of December. No answer from support. Same problem with ticket #16051-202817 : it was never closed but no answer at all since my last update of the ticket on 17/12/12.
  5. Problem is still ther for me too. I deleted EN iOS client on Iphone 4S and updated to latest version, I still get the sync error message each time I try to create a note with one or more pictures. The problem even seems to occur when I try to upload pictures froma third party like docscanner which uses the evernote sdk. It used to work in the past but now I also get an error message stating that there is an error witht the evernote SDK. I am a premium user anf the support staff does not even bother answering my ticket. Please take this as a priority. We cannot use Evernote from iOS anymore and that's my main use of it.
  6. Same for me. Still not syncing despite the new version today. I worked once with a note that only contained an image size "Large". Then I tried with actual size : failed. Then with mutliple images size "Large" : failed. But most incredible : now it fails even with a note that only contains an image size "Large" (which worled only once just after I downloaded the newer version !) Please evernote fix this ASAP.
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