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  1. "Users who are quick to get rid of earlier versions won't be able to do this [and will have to re-sync all notes ] unless the Evernote website contains some hidden page containing earlier version downloads." I put the new version in the trash, downloaded and installed version 3.3.0. When I opened EN, all the notes were fine, just as they were when I closed the program (before I upgraded). I didn't need to re-sync anything. Maybe I was just lucky ...
  2. Per instructions by GrumpyMonkey here -- I was able to move Evernote into trash (using MacBook Pro). Downloaded an older stable version 3.3.0 (300201) of Evernote, installed it, was able to open Evernote for the first time in two days, all notes appear intact. Thanks Grumpy!! Pam
  3. I'm having same problem with a MacBook Pro. No problems since early 2010. Evernote increasingly unstable over past 2-3 weeks. Frequent crashes every day. After I downloaded update on 12/5, program will not open. When I click, it behaves like it's opening but cannot access program or notes. Have to hit "Force quit" to get it to close. Very frustrating!
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