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  1. Thanks, really useful! Are there only success stories? I'm also curious about reasons why people didn't manage to go paperless. Or is this perhaps the wrong forum to look for those people?
  2. I'm thinking about going paperless at home. It sounds like the perfect solution, but I'm really curious about other people's experience after doing it for some time. Does it really give you the advantages of filing/retrieving all your documents? Or does it mean that you're just spending extra effort in scanning/filing your documents? Are you still consequently scanning everything?
  3. I'm also thinking about buying a Brother scanner. How is that working without a computer? Are you able to create a shortcut to scan directly to Evernote?
  4. I'm also looking for a scanner that can scan my documents, without a computer. It looks like only the Lexmark SmartSolution all-in-ones are able to do that. I didn't try them myself and I can't find much information about it on the internet. Does anyone have experience with this, or know another solution for this?
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