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  1. Thanks for the response BurgersNFries, but I agree with JYB72. I'm aware that I could use an external solution but the whole point of my posting is that I'd like the feature to be built into Evernote.
  2. It would be extremely nice to be able to lock the Windows app for Evernote. Many of us use our personal Evernote accounts on our work machines. I would like to have the option to require a password/pin when attempting to restore Evernote from the taskbar. Currently, I have to sign out every time I leave. We keep personal information in our Evernote accounts and I am always leary about somebody remoting in to do maintenance at night, getting nosy, and checking out what notes I have. I know the Android version has the option to require a PIN#, but I don't think that would carry over to the PC app. Either way, I don't want to pay extra for account security. Thank you! Ixath
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