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  1. thanks for the reply - i just did drag and drop - it worked - sort of - it gave me a png file on the desktop which i opened in preview and exported as a jpg (it is the first place i found a jpg option - no "save as" in earlier steps) - i use the rectangle clipper from evernote to clip screenshots - is there a reason i should look at Skitch?
  2. thanks for the reply - these are images that are themselves notes - they came from clipping parts of screens - when i right click the image i do not get any choices - or a menu (i am in a Mac but that shouldn't matter) under the file menu there is a save (with no choices) but no "save as"
  3. I have saved a number of images in EN - many were taken from clipping rectangles - i would like to use some of these as starter images for abstract work - can i export or save them on my computer to a standard photo format like JPG?
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