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  1. Thanks to all for this information. I will give it a try someday. For now, I was able to get my beloved v3 back up and running!
  2. Maybe it comes down to add'l training for me. Based on my previous attempts, I wasn't able to replicate my v3 workflow in v5. A few questions regarding v5: Can I select a notebook, then select a tag to filter down to the notes I want? Can I drag a note to a tag in order to attach that tag to the note? Can I drag a note to a notebook to change which notebook it resides in?
  3. Thank you for your reply. Here's my workflow (simplified for example purposes): Notebooks: - Action Pending - Completed Tags: - When -- 1-Now -- 2-Next -- [...] To view my immediate to-do's I will select the notebook Action Pending then select 1-Now. This multi-select ability gets me the exact notes I want to see. When I complete a to-do, I drag the note to the Completed notebook.
  4. Everything was going fine. I gave v5 the boot soon after its release and lived happily on my Mac Pro with v3 (excellent for GTD workflow). All was fine until I hit update all in my Mac app store and to my horror v3 was upgraded to v5. Every time I remove v5 and reinstall v3 it gets hung up on downloading my sync data. The app never works. Here's what I have at my disposal: - a time machine backup of my v3 .bom and .plist files for evernote - a macbook air running v3 working just fine Can the forum help me put the pieces back together so I can live happily ever after with v3 once more on my Mac Pro? PS - I'm not interested in being sold on the "merits" of v5.
  5. I have to echo xdau's feedback. I use the productivity method of GTD with Evernote. It revolves heavily around the ability to quickly select a notebook then multi-select tags. As a power user this is pretty much impossible. Can I downgrade please ???
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