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  1. Also interested in this Following topic...
  2. Maybe they won't, but then maybe they'll like the idea. Thanks for your input.
  3. Hello, It would be helpful if when using the MS Outlook plug-in "Add To Evernote" the note was pre-pended with a link back to the email from which the note was created. Currently, the only way I know to do this is to use a 3rd party free program called Linker, but it would be a nice time-saver if Evernote created the link. The only real caveat on linking back to the email item is if you move the item to another folder in outlook, the link no longer works. Many people add an item to Evernote, then archive the item (you know who you are Inbox Zero people!). For people who do this, a link created for the item while it was in the Inbox would become invalid. I wonder if there could be an archive option in the Evernote plug in? You could optionally specify an Archive Folder associated with the plug in, then the plug in would do the following when clicked: Move the item to the specified Archive folder. Get the Outlook link to the item's new location Add the item to Evernote and pre-pend it with the link to the archived item.Just some thoughts... happy little thoughts...
  4. I, too, have to keep enabling it every time I open Outlook 2013 64-bit. Did your fiddling ever result in success?
  5. I'd like for it to keep my username so that I only have to type in my password when I open it.
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