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  1. mac

    Here is what worked for me: Go to Skitch Preferences and then to General. Uncheck the two boxes at the bottom ("Keep Skitch Helper running..." and ("Start the Skitch Helper..."). Then reboot your Mac and Skitch will not start up. You should be able to go to the App Store and download and install he new version. Version 2.0.4 fixed the Skitch problems that I had.
  2. mac

    As suggested, I unchecked the Helper related boxes under Preferences and did "my now normal" Force Quit. When I opened up Skitch again, I was able to Quit it normally.
  3. mac

    I've got the same problem with Version 2.0.3 (262427) on my MBP (mid-2011) running 10.8.2. My helper app quit letting me take crosshair snapshots and Skitch would not Quit. So I followed the advice in this forum posting and stopped the helper and then trashed the Skitch application. Then I downloaded Skitch from the app store. It worked okay yesterday. Today, same problem: Cannot use crosshair snapshot (I don't use the other options) and when select Quit from the Skitch menu it does not. I have to force quit. I've begun to use this regularly and hope there is a way to get this fixed.