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  1. Hi - interesting discussion. I am a big fan of Chromebooks (and am writing this on the original CR-48). I also use Evernote extensively and use it as my primary to-do app. I'm willing to live with the limitations of the web app (after all, the Chromebook is my second computer). However, at least on the CR-48, it seems like Evernote web is too slow to be usable. Has anyone else experimented with Evernote Web using one of the new Samsung Chromebook 3's? Obviously, it should be much faster than the CR-48, but I wondered if it's fast enough to be usable? I know that there are probably many variables that affect this. The goal for me is to be able to do a search by tags through a 1,000 item collection of Evernote notes split across 3 or 4 notebooks. Currently, when I do this on the CR-48, I get a timeout and "this page has become unresponsive" in Chrome. Thanks for any insights, Ben
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