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  1. 10 days now and still running! Web Clipper is up and running and for me other OS X-programs is fully functional. I dont know whats happening "under the hood" of Onyx. I´m just concerned that my Mac is running installed programs as usual. Of course I always keep backups on a daily basis. For me Onyx solved my problem with Web Clipper and it is the guys at Evernote support who should find out why so many (premium) customers have these problems. They should really come up with a solution soon and explain why Web Clipper suddenly "locked" itself. Fyi Onyx have never failed me (since 2009) buts thats not a guarantee it will help you. Its not a perfect world. Good luck with your Mac! /T
  2. Good news After running Onyx ”Automative” option the problem seems solved. After execution of this Onyx thing, I uninstalled ”Web Clipper” and close and restarted Safari reinstalling from this direct link: https://safari-extensions.apple.com/details/?id=com.evernote.safari.clipper-Q79WDW8YH9 One of a sudden it worked logging in and everything seems ok so far. Obvious my Mac was blocking something that caused Web Clipper installation to failure! BR Torbjörn ps. Onyx is free to use. Link: http://www.titanium.free.fr
  3. Maybe this could help: Click tags in left column. Click the tag you are interested in. Right-click and choose change name. Esc-button when you have spotted the tags name. Voila. When the program don't visualise longer tags thats a VERY simple solution. But it works! #workaround
  4. Your problem is probably running out of space on your iPad. Free space on the iPad was the solution to my problems about a year ago. En support didn't have a clue when I explained the symptoms. I solved it with the trial end error-method. I don't save any notes locally (fast line). Lack of space generate a lot of mysterious issues especially syncing! T Hello nnn, Problem solved! (and I am sure this time) The solution was to delete some files to get memory space. I didn’t received any messages that I was running out of space. Not from the system nor any other application. The most obvious was Evernote hanging and I couldn’t do nothing. Safari was hacking a bit but it was when I connected to my iMac and saw the graphics over used memory on my iPad I understood. Still surprised I didn’t get any notifications of any kind. Well maybe this problem that Evernote freeze and hang itself can easily get fixed by your support in the future. I’m very sorry if this issue has caused inconvenience but at least it has contributed to your knowledge base."
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