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  1. I'm looking at version 1607 os build 14393.0. It updated to the anniversary version a couple weeks ago. I'm going to check my versions on my desktop later, but I'm pretty sure they're the same. Update: Well don't I feel stupid now. Checked for updates, my laptop updated to 14393.321, and installed the newer app without issue lol Wish I know that from the start before starting this thread. Thanks for the help
  2. To sum up, the app got updated on my desktop, but my laptop it has not. I uninstalled and reinstalled the app, but still downloads the touch version. Why is this happening and how do I get the newer better version installed?
  3. Bloody hell they removed this feature? I didn't even notice until now, I was wondering why you guys didn't have the feature and I did. Gatta be honest, I'm a bit peeved. I don't have a ton of tags, but I can imagine adding more and having that list run on for ages instead of showing just tags inside that notebook.
  4. Boy do I feel stupid now lol Never woulda thought to right click on tags for more options.
  5. I've just recently started using tags for my items, and I noticed that I dislike seeing tags for a notebook I'm not viewing. I've begun using Springpad a little, and I noticed when I'm viewing a folder, it displays only tags under that folder. Then viewing notebooks in Evernote I realized just how much it makes sense not to show all tags all the time.
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