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  1. Fails for me if I use web clipper on Firefox (WebClipper 5.4, Firefox ESR 10.0.11) Works fine if I clip from Chrome (WebClipper 5.9.3, Chrome 24.0.1312.35 beta-m)
  2. ^^ what he said ^^ Thanks, and I did notice the "Edit in Skitch" on my Windows laptop today.
  3. Same problem here. Windows 7 64 bit Permium, Evernote v4.5.10.7472. Dragged an image from web into a note. Decided I didn't like where it was put so I deleted and dropped again into a different location (same note). Rather than my image, got "Attachment.bin" 0 bytes.
  4. Glad I'm not the only one who thinks it should work this way. It appears that the dev team is responsive so hopefully they're listening!
  5. New user here. Evernote and Skitch on my iPad, iPhone, as well as Mac and Windows laptops. Currently working on my Macbook. I have an Evernote notebook with a note containing an image. I want to annotate that image so I right click on it, select "Open With" and select Skitch. The image comes up in Skitch and I make my changes (adding some text, cool arrows, etc). I expected that when I saved the image, it would be saved back to the image in the notebook from which I opened it. Instead it created a new Skitch notebook and put it in there. I looked at the settings for Skitch and was hoping there was a way to edit "in place" but I guess its not there? Am I missing something? Thanks! SteveH
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