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  1. I use CamScanner on my Samsung Galaxy Note 2. Hand held it may be difficult to hold everything parallel and still. To help this I use a copy stand made from a chemistry lab beaker stand. You can buy them for <$15 on Amazon. You also need a right angle clamp (about $5) to hold a piece of plywood about 9"x5" with a slot in the middle for the camera, and about a 12" square piece of hardboard for the base. This gives a lot of support. The height is of course adjustable. After you take the picture with Camscanner, the app marks the corners of the document, allows you to adjust the markers occasionally, and then crops and straightens and keystones it before storing it. Later you can direct the documents to about 15 different cloud sites including Evernote. A minor gripe is the Evernote is at the bottom of the list - you have to scroll to it. I would like to see Evernote and Camscanner integrated more - Camscanner is much better than scanning direct from the Evernote app.
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