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  1. I shared a note with a non-EverNote user - <share> <send note> <entered their e-mail address>

    They receive link to sign up for an account

    They sign up for an account

    They are now looking at a blank evernote account & there is nothing on the page that tells them how to access the chat or the note I just shared with them.

    I have found numerous how-to's on how I should share a note but no pictures and details for non-evernote users on how to receive the chat.  This person is now a confirmed evernote hater but could someone please send me a link to detailed instructions for any future people I need to share notes with.

    EverNote Non-User.png

  2. Quite a few steps actually.

    Since many of them have special codes that have to be put in to work I have the basic code written for each one and just fill in the specific contact info.


    1)  Right click to select the picture

    2)  push escape to close the right click menu

    3)  take hand off mouse so I can push the CTRL-SHIFT-K

    4)  Get mouse again to paste the information into the code


    It would be much easier if they would just turn the Right-Click functionality back on for pictures so it is like any other time you select text.


    1) Right click on text

    2) Choose edit hyperlink



    Evernote is truly a great way to keep track of contacts if you have a basic distrust of Contact Management Programs.  I loved the way that Hello would give you an icon to push to call the contact and am trying to recreate that manually.  If I don't want to pull out my reading glasses, it is easier to recognize an icon than it is to see if that print is a phone number or an e-mail.

  3. Evernote is my contact manager.  I use IfThisThenThat to append contact's page with calls, SMS's etc.


    Since I use it on my phone and print is small I use Icons.  I have a picture of a phone and a hyperlink attached to the picture that says "call: 9035551212"


    In order to add a hyperlink to a text string I simply highlight the word, right-click, and click on Hyperlinks


    However, when I right click on a picture there is no option to click on hyperlink.  I have to right click on the picture and then choose format-hyperlink from the top menu bar.  This adds a lot of steps when I add a new contact.


    Is there anyway to modify which options come up when you right click on an object in Evernote so that I can enable the ability to edit hyperlinks on pictures using right-click?





  4. I scan in a business card and then I create a link to that evernote and post that link on their google contact.  I can click the link, it takes me to their business card.

    From their business card I need a link to every conversation we've ever had.  I send important e-mails to evernote, I copy text messages over to evernote, and I hand write to-do's I agree to do for the person in evernote while I'm standing outside their office.
    Now, I need to find all that information quickly when they call me.
    I could create a link to every evernote I create and post it to the main business card page but that is a real pain since there is often a note a week from 50 people or more.
    Ideally, I could save a search on their name, drag that link to their business card page and everytime I need it quickly then it is there.  It does me no good to put it on the favorites bar because I'm on a tablet and pretty soon those 50 names start running off the page and since it isn't alphabetical I have to slowly sort thru the whole list.
    Is there some code I can put on my business card page to save that search on my business card for each of my customers?

  5. Surface Pro 3 Tablet, Windows 8.1, Stylus Input, no keyboard.


    I think the stylus input is going to only become more popular and even avid Evernote users are going to switch to OneNote so they can use a stylus input more easily.


    I use evernote on my Samsung Note 3 with stylus (Android) and it is FANTASTIC.  



    1)  High Resolution makes icons impossible to differentiate between so that I can click on which pen input I want to use.  I have tried increasing size using resolution settings but that doesn't work.  You can't zoom using the desktop version.


    2)  No way to delete a note with the pen


    3)  Need an "App" that opens a stylus/pen input page and allows us to quickly add notes to Evernote with our stylus


    4)  ABSOLUTELY MUST be able to put stylus/handwritten notes on ALL notes...not just the ones that are created via "New Ink Note".  This is a critical feature for me because it allows me to clip articles from online and then write notes as I read the article.  It is clunky on my 5" Android phone because I can't see the typed portion at the same time as I am writing but at least I can write some kind of note.   I was hoping to have this feature on my new 12" Surface tablet that would allow me to see the typed document as well as the handwritten notes at the same time.


    4a)  Why this is important.  Using Android Phone:  I e-mail the agenda to evernote before the meeting.  When I am in a meeting I take pictures of anything written on the whiteboard and any papers handed out.  Then under that I have my handwritten notes.  Then perhaps I use the keyboard to input a todo list with check boxes.  All of this is on one note for that meeting.


    5)  I think we need a forum category for Windows Stylus Input.


    6)  You can't use pen/stylus input in the online or Evernote Touch versions.


    7)  Dream wish list:  Be able to write my notes beside the text part of the manuscript so I could more easily evaluate a document.



    I've only had my tablet for three days.  I'm sure I'll have more to add.


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  6. Subject Line Pull Down Date -- pull up a mini calendar and click on the occurrence date.


    Everything I scan from medical records, to purchase records, to assignments in class need an "Occurrence Date" in the subject line.  I don't care when I entered the data.  I care about when the event occurred or when I need to see the information again.  


    I currently manually enter the date yyyymmdd in my subject line but it is so easy to mess up on the date using my phones screen input and it is so time consuming that I'm starting to not enter the data and going back to entering information in a paper notebook.

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