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  1. I would just like to know what their plans are. Are they going to offer more fonts in the future and which fonts. There are a few that are pretty easy to copy between all programs. I don't need every font out in the wild but how about at a minimum the severely limited fonts available by GMail + Times New Roman.... or maybe the fonts that are available on this forum.
  2. Thank you for the hand-holding. I've reverted back to the legacy. I'll get everything backed up and wait here until they fix all the bugs. Honestly, I've been so busy lately, I didn't even realize it was a major change. I was just frustrated that searching for notes had gotten so hard. I kept going to my "How To" tag and searching for my tips and it kept giving me notes from every folder that I own.... and I've been on evernote for a long time. It was only today, when my internet went down that I took the time to realize that I wasn't in Kansas anymore.
  3. OMG... I did this to myself? I remember a long time ago..maybe 3 years ago.., I was giving beta feedback but that ended a long time ago. Does this mean that I am still on the beta feedback program?
  4. When I revert back to the legacy version. There is no guarantee that the two systems have exactly the same database. It was just bad timing. I was finalizing my thesis, really busy, and didn't realize this was a MAJOR overhaul of the system or I would have done a folder level backup. I backed up as well but that was only as a nightmare situation of me losing everything and having to import back into another program. It's not something that I want to do since I won't have my folders and will have to painstakingly reorganize years of content. And, of course, you can't backup this new system.
  5. I'm about to go back to the legacy version but I'm terrified about how much data I'm going to lose. I didn't realize they were doing a MAJOR overhaul of the entire system or I would have never agreed. I'm going to save all my data but I won't know for a long time how much data was lost .... a tag here, a date there, a link missing.... for months. By then, I won't be able to revert back to an older version to recover the data because I will have added more data. I only realized today when my internet was down that I have no access to my notes without a GOOD connection.
  6. Please. I want to see the image of the food....not the receipt or the wine that goes with it.
  7. I shared a note with a non-EverNote user - <share> <send note> <entered their e-mail address> They receive link to sign up for an account They sign up for an account They are now looking at a blank evernote account & there is nothing on the page that tells them how to access the chat or the note I just shared with them. I have found numerous how-to's on how I should share a note but no pictures and details for non-evernote users on how to receive the chat. This person is now a confirmed evernote hater but could someone please send me a link to detailed instructions for any future people I need to share notes with.
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