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  1. Hello, it would be great to have a possibility to choose a custom background for notes, both individual and as a default theme. I use 27" mac, and pure white is a bit aggressive, especially in the evenings on larger windows. For me the best reference is Apple Notes background (paper-like) > nice and good for eyes, Think of it Yours, Andy
  2. Dear Evernote Team, many thanks for really good improvements. The only thing I miss now is that AND/OR search possibility I wrote already few times Congrats! Andy
  3. Jackolicious: 1. Saved search: how can I find it and move to shortcuts? Sorry, but I have no idea how to do it... 2. Is there any way to create a search matching "any" (not all) criteria? Imagine I want to find all notes with TAGs "idea" OR "search" Now I can find only those having TAGs "idea" AND "search". Evernote has this option on Windows. Many thanks for help Andy Many thanks for help in advance
  4. Hi, I've just switched from Evernote for Windows and miss one simple, but important feature: search by selecting multiple tags/notebooks: 1. I want to find all notes in Notebooks: Ideas and Resources... 2. ... tagged with Tags: "read", "todo" and "tips" On Windows I just shift-click (multiselect) specific Notebooks and Tags. Multiselection gives me instant search results. It would be great if you could add this simple functionality also on Mac. At the moment searching there is, sorry to say, horrible: lot's of clicks etc. Yours, Andrzej
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