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  1. Since 7.6.3. my App is freezing daily. Sometimes on startup the new note button is inactive, or a new note opens but it is impossible to input text. And from there I can't navigate within the app. I can minimise it and then quit, but restarting the app doesn't help. Only way to start using the app is to restart my iPhone. I'm a Premium account business user, and have come to rely on your app. This is a disaster! Specs: iphone6 v 8.1.2 (12B440) capacity 56 GB available 44.5 GB carrier vf nl 18.0 model MG4F2ZD/A
  2. I've just mailed Evernote Support requesting info on when the right-click issue will be fixed. I'll post their reply here.
  3. I have the Clipper button set up to clip article, and right click on the page to select 'Save Full Page to Evernote'. With the 5.9.15 extension the right click option is visible but doesn't save anything...
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