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  1. Thanks for this, emerick, just what I needed to know. BTW, before I found this thread, I'd found the Context FAQ at https://evernote.com/context/faq/ where it says: How can I customize my experience of Context?In your Preferences Menu, you can select what types of Context results you’d like to see: related notes, articles or information about people and companies. You can also further customize your results by telling us which content providers you’d like to see content from. Or, if you’d like, you can turn Context off altogether. For the life of me, I could not find, nor find information in the Help about, the "Preferences Menu". Because this term had been used, my poor addled brain (late on a working day) could not make the leap to "options", and I was getting quite frustrated at not being able to find information about this menu choice. I can only imagine how it could be for someone for whom English is not a first language, when it's been such a torment for me who only speaks English. Perhaps that page could be updated so that it uses the proper term? It would be more useful that way. ;-)
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