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  1. I'm having the same issue. I'm running Mac 10.13.1 and Evernote Version 6.13.1 (455785 Direct) and when I click the icon in the Dock, the menu at the top appears, but nothing else happens.
  2. I love how in my Inbox and Mac Finder I can colour code items making them easier to see. I would love to be able to do the same in Evernote. Here are the options I'd love to see: - manually apply a colour to select note (row in the view) or notes - have colours applied automatically based on rules such as title or tag
  3. I really wish Evernote had an "unsorted" view option, so I could drag and drop notes into the order I want within a specific Notebook. For example, tasks/todos. I don't want to order them via title, date, etc. In WunderList, I can drag and drop items into any order I want. I'd love to do this within Evernote as well.
  4. Thank you Evernote. I just installed 5.1.4 on my Mac and it's great to have the Top List View back. I'm still not a fan of the wasted space the Reminders section takes up (why not just add a sortable column for reminders?) but I'll take what I can for now! Thanks again.
  5. In addition to the issues already mentioned in this tread (wasted screen space, content now too narrow, etc) I just discovered another issue... search results. Before (with horizontal view) when I would search I'd get a set of pages back where I could see the title, date, notebook, etc. Now (because of the narrow list columns) I just see the first 3 or 4 words of the title which is almost useless. PLEASE bring back the horizontal view, or unfortunately I (like many other paying premium members) and going to have to downgrade to a previous version.
  6. Thank you Jack. The workflow form the Help is even better than the workflow from the full client! (Mac) I spend a lot of time in webconferences, so with via Helper I take a screenshot and then type my notes. When the presenter moves to the next slide, I repeat the process. With the full Evernote client there is no way for me to take screenshots as part of the authoring process. Skitch is not the answer, because for each screenshot it creates a new page in Evernote. If you added the simple screenshot tool to the full client it would be awesome. BTW, could you help me with my other post that asks about the difference in embedded vs. attached images in Evernote pages. I find it really odd that the menus/options are different. (ex: ability to zoom in/out, etc) Also while I have your attention (sorry) PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let me turn off "Automatically Resize" as the default option for pasted images. I like to use it occasionally, but 99% of the time I need to right click on each image and set it back to actual size.
  7. Thank you for the reply, but you clearly have a much higher resolution wide screen monitor than I do!
  8. Agreed! I installed today's update (yeah reminders!) and when Evernote restarted my bottom preview pane was gone. WTF! Please bring this back. :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry:
  9. One of my most frequent tasks involves add several screenshots to an Evernote page and taking notes on each image. With the Evernote Helper app in the Mac menu bar, there is a great little built in screenshot tool that takes the shot, inserts it into the page and allows you to keep going. I'd love that tool to be available in the full client as well.
  10. If I have an image file (ex: jpg) and I attach it to a page, it displays the image. However, when I right click on it I don't get the "image menus" such as: view at attachment, zoom in, zoom out, etc. If I copy the image to the clipboard (ex: open it in Skitch then copy) then paste into Evernote the image displays exactly the same, but I do get all the proper image options. Why is the behaviour different?
  11. Thank you GrumpyMonkey. At first I posted it in the main "Evernote General" forum, then I realized there is a product specific forum so I posted there. I thought I had deleted the original one, but thank you for the help.
  12. I would love to be able to add embed code for items like Youtube videos, Google Maps, Tweets, etc. This would allow me to create much richer pages, keeping the experience in context vs. having to link people out to multiple web sites.
  13. Yes, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE add hyperlinking (within a page) and the ability to create a table of contents. I take long meeting notes and would like to be able to jump from section to section (agenda, guests, notes, followups, etc) This is so easy on wiki pages, please add it to Evernote.
  14. One of my main uses of Evernote is storing screenshots. Each time I paste an image into a note I have to manually right click on it and switch "Automatically Size" to "Actual Size". I do this dozens of times a day. PLEASE make "Automatically Resize" and option that can be turned on/off and let me choose Actual Size as the default. Then if I so choose I could rescale an image.
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