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  1. other Save website as a screenshot! Not html

    +1. It would be great to have an option to save a screenshot (of the entire page) in addition to the HTML content. Then you have the data and a faithful presentation of what the clipped material looked like at the time.
  2. windows Highlight text

    Like I said... 98% of the people here are or have been coders. As such, anyone who claims something is easy (that affects the many platforms EN lives on) and yet has no intimate knowledge of the Evernote code is a fool. Unless I'm mistaken this feature has already been implemented on the iPad (and for some time now). Which begs the question of why it wouldn't even be in the web or desktop interfaces by now.
  3. windows Highlight text

    Add this simple feature to all the clients - particularly the tablet clients - and I could get rid of so many other products I rely on. I would be willing to pay MORE for the Premium service if I could just highlight! Please give us some Word From On High about when this feature will be implemented!
  4. (Archived) Highlight text function

    Yes, please! Why won't they give us this one simple function! Surely it can't hurt to add it and it would bring in a lot of users from services like Diigo. Surely we're reaching critical mass on this request, it's time for them to address it. I'm a Premium subscriber, this is one feature I feel we deserve, and quickly.
  5. Ability to resize images

    +1 on this request. It's aggravating to attach an image I took with my phone and have it take up way more than a screenwidth in note form.
  6. Export my notes & files (Linux)

    There's a program called NixNote (previously NeverNote) that is essentially a non-official Evernote Desktop Clone, it should allow for what you're looking to do.