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  1. No one is forcing you to do anything. This is a software app. It does what it does. IME, we often have to adjust our thinking/workflows to adapt to software b/c no app is going to do everything that everyone wants. If it works for you then great. Otherwise, don't use it. (shrug) OK. Good point. Maybe my words were a bit harsh. My apologies. My point is simply - why not include both functionalities, thereby making everyone happy with minimal effort required on their part? What's the harm in that?
  2. I couldn't agree more with everything you've said here. I too LOVE Evernote. Seriously, you all are doing great work here. Everything about this software is superior to and offers more than other note-taking apps - except for it's organizational aspects. (Speaking to the folks at Evernote now): While tags are useful, and some may find them better than the traditional nested notebook/folder method of organization, just read this thread and you'll find that many came into Evernote wanting the ability to nest and subnest their notebooks, but were forced to learn Tags. Every other set of documents, data, etc that I deal with are organized through the nesting of folders etc, and I don't want to have to learn a whole new paradigm just to use Evernote, which would mean completely going over all my many many notes from scratch. Is it really that big of a deal to add this functionality? I'd love to hear from a support person or, even better, a lead Evernote programmer, as to why this is evidently not even being considered. Would it break other functionality of the software? Would it make Tags less useful for those that desire this method? To me this should be a no-brainer. If you want to keep all your customers happy, give them what they want. Don't try to force us to use a method that we aren't used to using and have no interest in learning. Many of us want subnested notebooks, and I'd love it if you'd re-consider your position and just add it.
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