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  1. Lew How do you add multiple tags to your script? Should the all be listed between " " with spaces or commas?
  2. I currently have a simple embedded AppleScript in Hazel to move a select PDF file to a new Evernote note (below). How would I go about adding the file to a specific notebook? Currently the new note is sent my default folder "@Inbox". tell application "Evernote" activate create note from file theFile end tell Thanks in advance
  3. Thanks for the tip. I now have my AppleScript working again.
  4. I'v been using a simple AppleScript that I use with Hazel for awhile now and just recently started getting an error. The script I use is: tell application "Evernote" activate create note from file theFile end tell When I go to compile it, the word "note" is highlighted and I get the error message below: The error message that I'm receiving is: "Expected end of line, etc. but found application constant or consideration" Any assistance will be appreciated
  5. With the release of v5.03 I was able to get the script to work. Awesome time saver!
  6. I haven't tried etm17 script yet, but I have tried a similar script. My script will open Evernote, but Evernote freezes up and the note doesn't transfer. I'm running version 5.02 of Evernote that was downloaded from Evernote and not from the App Store.
  7. Thank you, plarval... Your script changed my life!! Lew Has anyone tried this Hazel action with Evernote Version 5.0.1 (400591)? When I run this action, it opens up Evernote and locks it up and doesn't import my document(s). I have to close Evernote and restart it.
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