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  1. Certainly I'm confused, so someone please set me straight on sorting by notebooks and then tags. Here's what I used to do in previous versions of Evernote that worked for me I'd select a Notebook in the left column. Then, I would Command-Click on Tags to filter and find what I had to do (I'm a Mac user). Use case: To find my Actions Pending for stuff to do at Work that needed to be done Now....I clicked Action Pending in left column and then I'd Command Click @ Work and Now. The resulting Notes filtered what had to be done Now. This was quick and easy. Evernote 5 doesn't allow me to Command Click on Notebooks and Tags. I can sort and filter by going through a way more laborious "Add Search Option" in the search bar. Please bring back the old way! BTW, on a positive note, I just downloaded a revised Evernote 5 and the drag and drop to Tags DOES work and I am happy about that. Thanks EV team - esp. Jackolicious.
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