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  1. There seems to be some potential in Zapier check it out: http://zpr.io/6VXb It does have some abilities out of the box. However, there seems to be a very capable developer section where someone could connect to any cutsom API's and create the actions required. Any API dev's out there keen to have a go at Zapier ?
  2. Shawnholt, I would also really really like this. I love the One Note design but I use Evernote for many other things. Things that onenote can do but I prefer the way evernote does it. I would love a sync between the 2 and not have to choose and search the one and then the other. Any developers out there looking to do it? Gary Just an update: I thinking of something like this. https://zapier.com/zapbook/skydrive/ Except with Evernote and OneNote
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