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  1. Hi Gazumped, thank you for your reply My note is not too big (only one image) and it doesnt exceed the upload (as I am also on premium, its quite hard to exceed). Might sound ditzy but I thought we can only upload as PDF directly from camscanner? I wanted to upload as .jpg so I did what Gavinch did: 2.For this I enabled the option "Save image to gallery" in CamScanner options. That way a folder named "images". I can then use my gallery viewer (I use QuickPic) and select the files I want and upload it. Only thing is the images are not arranged according to the documents. I usually upload it immediately so the ones I want will usually be at the bottom (if sorted according to date) Looks ilke I will have to contact support!
  2. Hi there, The issue is still there is I try to update existing note with new images from CamScanner or Antipaper. And using the share function through the CamScanner app also saves the images as .jpg though.
  3. I have the exact same problem..Do you have any suggestions on solving it? Re-installing will mean the failed notes will disappear. Having a headache now - i have failed notes at my andriod phone and tablet
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