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  1. I do have iOS, just looked at AutoEver and was utterly confused...looks like a work in progress. Cheers, Brandon
  2. When I try this it just nests the random tags under the new one, it doesn't combine them (i.e. on my note I don't see multiple tags from what is nested) and if I delete it just goes away without taking on the new tag...what am I doing wrong? Thanks!
  3. Because I wasn't very careful early in my EN days there are a lot of random tags that I want lumped together. It would be nice to have the ability to Merge tags, already multiple tags can be highlighted, why not give the option to merge and specify the new name. Thanks!
  4. No, It doesn't affect searching on Mac - it is a little annoying that it demands the cap setting that had been previously used when inputting the Tag, however I found that I can just rename the Tags to what I want pretty easily.
  5. I agree that this is annoying behavior. If you had wanted to add a tag called 'storage' it would keep making you use STOR in caps... Obviously don't want to delete STORM...so is there a solution for this? Feature fix to turn off this behavior EN?
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