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  1. Just an FYI. If you go to Evernote Trunk, there is a section there on hardware. Consequently there is now a scanner that is affiliated that does not require a computer: https://trunk.everno...rdware/doxie-go http://www.getdoxie....oduct/doxie-go/ Not sure how fast it is, but I personally found that the ScanSnap 1500M (Mac) is amazing. The fact it scans two side and I can load up the hopper has been very beneficial to me. I scan hundreds of pages of code books for my use and there is no way I could do it page by page. Just a thought. If you get the doxie-go, please let me know how it works. I have a portable Neat Receipt scanner as well, which comes in handy if I need to scan a few pages on the road, but I got it before I get into GTD and the Evernote system. (UPDATE: I guess I should read more thoroughly. It lets you scan, but then you have to get to a computer to upload all those scans. Sorry for the false-hope there).
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