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  1. Perhaps although a lot of users just dont bother posting because I suspect Evernote developers never even visit these forums.
  2. That is hardly a neat solution. I agree with the author that the row heights are way too large and should be adjustable. I've stopped using tables for the moment for this very reason.
  3. Unfortunately this is only for clipped pdfs and my experience is that they tend to revert back to inline anyway. A simple option that lets users choose to view pdf's as attachments is surely not too much to ask.
  4. this is an Yep, this is ridiculous and its amazing how after years of requests Evernote has still not built this feature in. I still use Evernote sparingly but have moved much of my workflow across to Devonthink for this very reason.
  5. Thanks for that. You're right, it's 'prepend' I'm after. The reason I thought it could be done is that I use an IOS app called 'drafts' which allows you to set up actions whereby new notes can be prepended to an existing note (http://agiletortoise.com/support/drafts/evernote_actions.html). I use this when im on my iphone to prepend to an existing note but was just hoping to be able to do the equivalent when im forwarding emails on my mac. Anyway, I thought all the actions that were invoked from this app were based on the email syntax rules developed by different apps. Anyway, not a huge issue and thanks for you're workaround solutions. Cheers.
  6. Hi, I follow the evernote email syntax to append an email to an existing note. That is, I use the existing note title in the subject line and add a "+" sign at the end. This all works fine as expected. However, I notice that new information is always appended to the bottom of my existing note. I then have to scroll through to the bottom of the note to see the newly appended information. Is there any way to get Evernote to append new information to the top of the note? This would seem more intuitive to me as you would typically want to see the newest information in note rather than the oldest. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Cheers
  7. Could someone from the Evernote team give some indication whether the ability to exclude notebooks from a search is either: Unlikely to be implemented in the near term (e.g. too much work, not enough users care about this etc etc) OR Is something being considered in the current pipeline. As I have become more and more familiar with Evernote I have begun using it to store more and more information/documents. Unfortunately, I now have many shared notebooks and other notebooks that appear in my "All Notes" view which I would previously use to review and organise my "core" notes. The ability to negate certain notebooks is now becoming a pretty desirable feature for me as too many notes that I dont care to review are clogging up my "All Notes" view. This isn't a rant, but if its not in the pipeline, I think Im going to have to start using Evernote just my personal important documents/info and try find another solution for all my other information. Before I make the plunge I just wanted to know if it was something that Evernote was finally considering given the efforts to encourage users to use Evernote as their universal document storing/sharing system. Cheers.
  8. I love evernote and could not live without it. However, if I had to identify my biggest gripe with the interface is the lack of keyboard control. The improvements made in Evernote 5 were definitely a step in the right direction. However, I still dont believe there is keyboard shortcut that lets you transitions between panes. For e.g. In the top list view, it would be great if you could press TAB (or any other shortcut though TAB would seem the most intuitive) and jump straight down to the note for editing. The ability to tab down through the note attributes (i.e. Tags, Title, Body) and Shift+TAB to work back would be great and allow users to quickly edit and organise notes without having to pick up the mouse/trackpad every time. I think the Windows version has this capability.
  9. Hi, I have been playing in evernote again and am really impressed with the latest updates. However, I have been trying all morning how to figure out how to switch focus between panes with the keyboard. I've searched the forums and there appears to be some undocumented shortcuts for achieving this with Windows but I've found nothing for mac. I find it hard to believe that such a basic navigating feature would be missing from evernote so Im guessing its just been overlooked in the documentation. If anyone can help it would greatly appreciated.
  10. Yep, this is an incredibly important feature and currently a huge limitation for those using Evernote for both personal and work files. The suggestions by some users to simply forward to your mail client and then resend using your preferred account is not a genuine solution and will lead to people keeping notes out of Evernote (something that I believe the developers would not want). Could the note not simply be opened up in the native mail client which would then allow the user to select their preferred mail account to send the note from and do other things such as include other attachments, bcc people etc etc.
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