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  1. How do I remove Reflect from Evernote and Chrome? I have denied access to my Evernote account and removed the extension from Chrome. Yet I get email, usually two a day, rom Reflect promising promising to review my Evernote account. This is annoying and unwanted. Yours, Tom
  2. Solution: uninstall previous version of Evernote, reinstall with latest version. Tom
  3. The updater for 5.8.1 hangs. When I stop it with Windows Task Manager, I end up with this: (.\Bootstrapper.cpp:915) 0xCFFFFFFF:Unknown error What now? Tom
  4. Hi, I have accidentally added a tag to a note. How do I remove it? On Windows 7, main application. Thanks, Tom
  5. On Windows 7, Evernote desktop client 5.0--I hate the ultra-thin left scrollbar. In fact, I dislike the new! improved! UI design immensely--it makes me snowblind, metaphorically speaking--but that's neither here nor there. The scroll bar, on the other hand, is a usability issue. It's too thin for easy use, especially when I'm somewhere in the midst of a whole bunch of notes or tags. It's just a very light grey, very thin vertical bar, and so putting the cursor where it needs to be to scroll is too much of a task. (See attached screen clip for example.) Is there any way to change the color scheme? Or the default width of the scrollbar? If this is a dumb question, so be it. I don't mind looking foolish if I can get an answer. Thanks, Tom Maddox
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