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  1. Thanks, Metrodon. All notebooks in sidebar working, and much better now. Thanks!
  2. Another "thumbs down" to the new version 5 interface. I tend to collect items into notebooks for when I want to review them in a list rather than searching for a specific note. The way that sub-notebooks in a stack are not all shown and then scroll sideways for the ones that do show is just awful. The whole thing is vaguely reminiscent of Windows 8's Metro interface--and I mean this in a very bad way. Show me a random and incomplete collection of my stuff and call it progress? Combined with Evernote's longstanding inability to do a decent job actually creating well-structured notes (compare with MS OneNote which has stellar note taking abilities), and I am not sure why I need Evernote. If I wanted to have to search for each and every item then I would just use Google.com and call it good enough. Evernote's web clipping is clearly much better than OneNote, but since the ability to do more than tag everything is apparently being deprecated, I guess the best use for Evernote is as a dumb bucket with a search function. What is needed: -Hierarchical Notebooks -Hierarchical view of stack sub notebooks -No collection of items should ever spill over into multiple columns that mingle the levels of the hierarchy--not in any interface in any program, ever. This is just a crime again clarity of presentation. Guess I'll be looking for something different and not renewing my subscription. It's really a shame when "new" replaces "good".
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