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  1. Hello, I'm experiencing the same issue since yesterday with the apparent synchronization failure indicated by the exclamation mark on the sync button. I'm not receiving on my desktop application under Windows 7 32 bits latest notes created with my Android devices. On the other hand the sync seems to work fine on my phone and tablet. The three last lines of the activity log show: 08:07:10 [5348] 96% No more data to read.08:07:11 [5936] Client synchronization finished, status: failed08:07:11 [5936] * elapsed time: 53s Has anyone in this thread had the same problem resolved it, and how? Is it just a matter of waiting till the problem goes on its own, or is there something that I should fix myself? Thanks A.R. Edit: solved on its own. Shouldn't have been actively looking for a solution on internet... ;-)
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