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  1. Hi everyone! I organize all of my documents in my computers into folders (i.e. School --> 12th Grade --> Spanish V --> etc.) How do I create subfolders like in my example in Evernote?
  2. Hello everyone! When I tried to "screenshot" an e-mail of mine through Evernote, nothing appeared to happen (a small blue icon appeared in the top left hand corner of my note but I couldn't see any screenshot) Is this normal? If not, what can I do to make the image appear? Thanks
  3. I can read my own handwriting, so hopefully it'll work well, I'm going to try it tonight
  4. Hi everyone! I just downloaded Evernote onto my Macbook Pro yesterday, and I am wondering how to get my handwritten notes into my notebook. Basically, I write all of my notes in a Five Star notebook, and I have no idea how to get these notes from my notebook into my Evernote account and in a note format. Thanks in advance...
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