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  1. It would be really easy to show "ordered steps" — even ordered arrows — often on one image or screenshot. I imagine choosing the "circled number" icon, or the alternate choice of circled letters A-Z, and then clicking where I want the first and subsequent ordered number to appear on the image. Example, of a webpage sign-up form: Click here to start Fill this out Be sure no check this box Click Done.This could all be said visually with circled numbers in the right locations. I'd love it. Thanks! —David
  2. I was trying to archive a Mac iMessage/Messages chat that included photos (apparently large) to Evernote. To my knowledge it never went through, due to the EN app hanging, but not quite crashing. I saw that my available system RAM bottomed out at 10MB, so I crashed everything and started over. After restarting, I opened a RichText App and was able to Copy/Paste and Save to it, so my archive is saved, just not in EN. The RichText file, with pictures, is 28MB. Is that too large for EN? I am on a MacBook Pro 17" i7 with 8GB of RAM, running Mountain Lion 10.8.5. When my system is completely loaded after a restart, I have a little less than 6GB RAM available according to the App "FreeMemory," which, if you're not familiar with it, displays available RAM in the menu bar of the Mac, and allows you to free-up RAM. If I restart my Mac normally, then launch ONLY Evernote, I can watch the App load, then I get the "spinning beachball of death" and I can watch the RAM display drop from 5GB+ down to 10MB (nothing!) in under 60 seconds, while doing nothing. It never really crashes, but it slows my computer to a geriatric snail's pace. Eventually I have to force-quit the computer. I have completely (to my knowledge) uninstalled Evernote, following these instructions, and then reinstalled the latest EN (Mac 5.4.4) and restarted the computer, then EN, only to have exactly the same thing. Somewhere in there I did a Repair Permissions, twice, using Disk Utility. I am wondering: Is there a location on my computer where an upload queue might have stored and/or queued my large, 28MB file, even in a corrupt state, and it's trying to load-then-sync this file? If so, can anyone tell me where to look to "unclog" this pipeline, or offer any other clues as to how to solve this odd problem? It's hard to narrow anything down as I only get the "spinning beachball of death." ​Evernote has become 100% unable on my Mac, but I can still use it from my iPad and iPhone. Anyone have any ideas?
  3. I was going to suggest something similar as a trigger. Add even a single character or other change to the title, then Save and Sync. See if that does it. For $90 you can get the life-time version of VueScan, PC or Mac, which works with, I think, EVERY scanner. It has a built in scanning feature to scan to 1-bit (black or white, like faxes) at 200-300dpi, the provide a "ride-along" OCR of that scan. Even works on most receipts. I scanned "42 screenfuls" of strip-receipts last week, into a 1.4mb, multipage PDF file, and the entire doc is searchable. PDFs are much smaller than JPGs, and you can get this very high-end scanning software that does so much more for the equivalent of 18 months Premium Evernote (Which you sill STILL WANT). —D
  4. I just installed Evernote Mac for a friend on her MBP, OS 10.6.8. After telling her all about the cool Elephant Logo that appears in the Apple Menubar, nothing appears on hers, no matter what we do... What should we do? I have already deleted Preferences plist file, but no good...
  5. I discovered just now that Qutting Evernote App in Mac, seem sto be the problem. I duplicated it the following way: Downloaded a PDF document (a manual) I want. With Evernote App "closed" I went to the Finder to locate the downloaded PDF. Clicked on the document Issued a Command-C Copy command. Issued Paste to Evernote: control-command-V, which opened Evernote and showed me the new Note. Saved Synced Quit Evernote Next, I Issued the Find in Evernote command: control-command-E, to invoke Evernote without a Paste function This opened up Evernote, highlighted my last note, displayed a Find drop-down, and I watched the contents of my last note disappear as the App did an auto-sync, all at the same time. My workaround: paste twice before shutting down quitting when I reopen with control-command-E, the last one will empty Can anyone else reproduce this?
  6. How would the nature of that support request differ from what I have posted here? Do the developers not read the user forums?
  7. Last night I meticulously copied details, screenshots, etc. during and following a WordPress install for someone, saving account info, passwords, etc. all into one note (good practice,yes?) I SAVED, then I SYNCED. Everything was there. I quit the MacBook Pro version of Evernote (latest, on a MBP with OS 10.6.8) This morning, I found something I wanted to Save, so I clipped it with the Safari Elephant Icon, which opened Evernote, created a new note with content, but revealed that all the other data I added to my last note last night was gone. This has happened several times, now. This makes me very suspicious of using Evernote for a Paperless Lifstyle, especially involving a shredder.
  8. I find myself "testing" searches to see how readable my handwriting is for OCR. Is there a table somewhere that shows and index of all searched and OCRed words? I mean is this list buit into Evernote, or is there a way to access the words for a note that is an image only?
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