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  1. Thanks for the update. A little communication (with substance) goes a long way.
  2. It's a fine line between complaining and voicing frustration. I don't want to leave, rather I would like it fixed. That being said ... there isn't a straight up competitor that could offer the unique servies/features. if there was ... Actually one that looked good was Catch. Not as fully featured ... https://catch.com/
  3. Evernote Food iOS just got an update today. Great. Keep shipping the new stuff when you can't get your bread and butter (premium users, too) product to do what it is supposed to: sync. I looked in the settings for Food ... guess what? There is an image size option for uploading pictures (the whole point of using food). There is no "actual" option for image sizing. No wonder ... that is what they can't fix in EN iOS. Just fix sync completely in your core product. If you only had a competitor breathing down your necks.
  4. Colin, I agree on the "bug fixes" comment on the update: first thing I thought of was cover-up; ducking the issue; not taking ownership. I am really surprised at this from Evernote. Syncing images ... of any size ... is a key feature of EN. That is why it is one of three buttons they promote to take notes with. EN, are you actually listening? Are you acting like a company that has been around for 100 years (old and unresponsive) or are you trying to create a company that people will continue to trust and rely for100 years to come? Just fix this problem once and for all ... and then address the already outdated redesign of the iOS app.
  5. Good. That is what I was hoping they would do. I do not want 2MB photos loading up my Evernote account and requiring a Premium membership just to upload and store notes with photos. Fair enough. Horses for courses. I have a premium account and store photos of handwritten meeting notes. Cheers
  6. Don't count your chickens. They added a new setting to "Choose" your image side for uploading. There is an "actual" setting that is the true size of your image. Sync still does not work for that setting. What you have to do is choose "large" or a small setting to get sync to work. The fix is a cheap parlor trick that doesn't truly fix the sync issue, it just creates a workaround that saves them the hassle of fixing it once and for all and doesn't allow you/us to sync "actual" sized photos in notes.
  7. @PhilDean - I downloaded the update today. I was able to sync a few notes with single photos ... but not until I had to delete all of my notes that photos that would not sync with the original v5 update. Once I tried to upload a note with multiple photos (2, 3 and/or 4), the sync failed. This happened on both iPhone & iPad. So damn frustrating. I tried the toggle airplane mode trick. It worked with single pic notes and multi-pic notes (a note w/four synced as it should). Are you suggesting that toggling the airplane mode ONCE will rectify this crazy sync issue? Or are you suggesting that it is a short term fix? Please clarify. Thanks.
  8. I have been very vocal on this issue on twitter. The iPhone sync is horrible. I did use the premium help desk access to send in a note and my activity log. This is what I got back (3 days ago) - it is a human response which give me a bit of faith that it is being worked on: "Thank you for providing your log! I've sent this on to our QA team. Thank you for your understanding during this frustrating bug! We all use the products we build so it is just as important to us to get this resolved quickly as anyone else. Also, thank you so much for being a loyal user since 2008, right when we started!" Cheers, Evernote Support
  9. Chiming in on sync issues. After (too) many sync issues I think I have narrowed the cause to the effect: creating notes with images taken by the camera. Every note I create from a picture that I take there and then with the camera fails to sync. I tested a note with a pic from my camera roll: that synced with no issues. I use notes /camera pics everyday as part of my workflow; my workflow has now gone to hell. All of my issues with syncing mirror the individual posts in this thread. I have uninstalled and re-installed; I have followed evernote support advice given in this thread/the forum, I have tired virtually everything without any success. I am a premium user since 2008. I do not plan on leaving the service. What as once my trusted, daily go-to app has become a disruption, distraction and a pain in the ass. Is there a fix in the works? Does EN acknowledge the problem? When will this be fixed? Thanks, Judd
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