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  1. Hummmm.... I can't seem to search for "unchecked todos" with TAGxyz. it is EITHER search for TAGs *or* the Todos. Am I missing something?
  2. Oh... todo:false works :). Ooops. THANK YOU DO MUCH! -Ed
  3. THANK YOU! That is PRECISELY what I am asking for. If only I could make it work :). Example: I create a note in my Personal notebook. It contains one item with an unchecked todo-checkbox. I then put my cursor in the top Search box and enter todo:true and I get nothing. I am running 64x Win7, Evernote (277915)
  4. Hi folks. I'm new here. I've read all the help articles and forum posts and understand that I can have notes with TASKS in them, and I also understand that I can TAG notes. What I am looking for is a solution for the following scenario: I am taking meeting minutes. Out of a 2 hours meeting, I have 5 tasks (marked as such). I now go to a different meeting, so open a new note and take the meeting minutes, and in that meeting, I have another 4 tasks, which I embed right into the meeting notes (I do not have a separate note just for tasks). I'd love to be able to at the end of the day, search for all tasks not-yet-completed. In other words, I want to embed my tasks in my notes and have be required to keep a separate note just for tasks. Is this possible? Thanks -Ed
  5. Yes, thanks... cwb talked about checkboxes and I had moved on, giving up on checkboxes... hence the title of this new post: "Is there a hotkey in the Windows EverNote application to MOVE-TO-COMPLETED folder. Thanks for the answer to that Jeff...(which is: No). Seems odd that draging-and-dropping is the only way to move an item. Oh well... maybe a feature request for the next version . Thanks again for all you who are spending your time answering questions. It is much appreciated. -Ed
  6. Well... the title says it all. Again, I'm just starting to use Evernote and am seeing if the UI is friendly. Dragging items is sometimes error prone and time consuming... and not very satisfying. I'd rather have a checkbox I check and it dissapears. As a second choice, I'd have a hot-key setup to "move it". Thanks, -Ed
  7. Thanks but I did not even know you could have "checkboxes" WITHIN a note ? I'll have to look.
  8. I know... I know... I'm not the first. But it would be SOOOOO cool to be able to look at a "task" and be able to click it away to the "Completed" folder. -Ed
  9. Thanks jbenson... perfect. THat's what I wanted. Also Peter, thanks for the suggestion but setting a default title is not what i was looking for! Thanks again for the help !! You guys rock!. -Ed
  10. Hi Chris: I too strive for mouseless work... and am very intersted in how you work with Outlook mouseless (ie: what's the shortcut to send an email to Evernote?). Can you help me by tell me how you do it? And how you enter tasks from "Windows" (specifically, how do you add a task title when starting a new note from Windows)? Lastly: I take it you like Toodledo? Thanks -Ed
  11. Disclaimer: This is my second day using EverNote . Runnning on a 64x Win7 machine. I want to see if EverNote is easy to use... I'm a keyboard junky and want to be able to quickly enter a task I have on my brain. I was VERY happy to hear that from any Windows app (as long as EverNote is running in the background), I can press Ctrl-Alt-N to pop up a new Note. HOWEVER, the cursor is positioned in the "details" section of the note... I would have expected the cursor to be initially positioned in the TITLE field and would have expected to TAB over to TAGS, followed by the Details field. As it is, I cannot find a way to enter the title other than by using the mouse and positioning the cursor in appropriately. Am I missing something? This seems obvious to me... so I've got to believe I'm not the first one and so my conclusion is I'm stupid 'cause I'm just missing something obvious. Help? Thanks -Ed
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