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  1. Hummmm.... I can't seem to search for "unchecked todos" with TAGxyz. it is EITHER search for TAGs *or* the Todos. Am I missing something?
  2. Oh... todo:false works :). Ooops. THANK YOU DO MUCH! -Ed
  3. THANK YOU! That is PRECISELY what I am asking for. If only I could make it work :). Example: I create a note in my Personal notebook. It contains one item with an unchecked todo-checkbox. I then put my cursor in the top Search box and enter todo:true and I get nothing. I am running 64x Win7, Evernote (277915)
  4. Hi folks. I'm new here. I've read all the help articles and forum posts and understand that I can have notes with TASKS in them, and I also understand that I can TAG notes. What I am looking for is a solution for the following scenario: I am taking meeting minutes. Out of a 2 hours meeting, I have 5 tasks (marked as such). I now go to a different meeting, so open a new note and take the meeting minutes, and in that meeting, I have another 4 tasks, which I embed right into the meeting notes (I do not have a separate note just for tasks). I'd love to be able to at the end of
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