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  1. I came here looking for information on rolling back as well, but I am glad to see that this thread has the eye of at least one Evernote employee so I will share why I'm looking to roll back. I use Evernote as the driver for my GTD system and that involves a lot of filtering with tags and changing Notebooks. Previously I could select a notebook, hold down command and quickly select multiple tags from the left sidebar to filter down my notebook. For whatever reason - holding down command is no longer a shortcut for selecting multiple tags - it only selects one tag at a time. Now I have to use the Blue tag drop down in the upper right to select multiple tags and you have to select one tag - which automatically closes the selection window - and open it again to select another tag. +5 seconds every single time I use multiple tags. You also automatically nest new tags by right clicking on the parent tag. You have to create a new tag and drag it to the parent tag. Again - not a show stopper but +5 seconds every single time I do it. Might not seem like much individually - but its killing me for what is my "productivity" app. Not saying I'm going back to OmniFocus just yet - but those refined shortcuts are what drew me to Evernote in the first place.
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