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  1. I so badly want this fixed and it is a shame that Evernote seems to ignore the desperate calls over the years. Especially since users pay for the sharing features. I've got an extensive tag tree which means the poor people I want to share my notebooks with have to put up with a convoluted mess of tags and sift through tags they never use and aren't theirs when they are adding their own notes to their notebooks. How can that pass as an acceptable system? Can we have notebook specific tags please that only show (in the sidebar and when creating notes) when the user is actually viewing/editing that notebook?
  2. I am using Evernote together with the Secret Weapon methodology, and rely heavily on being able to filter my notes by selection multiple tags. In the previous version this was a breeze by selection multiple tags in the left sidebar. Now, in Evernote 5 (on Mac), you can only select one tag at a time in the sidebar, and there is also no highlighting to show which tag you have selected. I know that you can see the tags selected and filter by multiple tags by clicking the little blue tag icon at the top of the notes list, but that's not user friendly at all. Please bring back multiple tag selection and highlighting of selected tags in the left sidebar.
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