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  1. Yes and it is considerations such as these which are some cause for concern and in my case I have real worries about just how much of my business has been committed to EN and that currently I have lost quite a lot of faith in the stability and reliability of the ongoing upgrade path of EN as well as an aversion to the unintuitive nature of the 'new' features which remind me of the way Microsoft Windows has gone since Windows XP, in my view(just my opinion!), unnecessary features, or lack of them, and a more complicated user experience rather than an improvement of existing features and if a evolutionary development of the user interface i.e. making it 'easier' to use rather than less so ! Consequently I am seriously considering Devonthink (better suggestions anyone?) but only as a last resort as I am hoping that Evernote will see the light, take all the really important observations on board and redesign Evernote 5 (Evernote 5.5 ?) to include ALL of the features that were removed! And on that note, I repeat my question to Jackalicious with some addition. Considering all of the comments and questions in this thread so far there has been no response, in particular to the question regarding the removing of features that have become an everyday part of the workflow for EN users. Is there anyone there at Evernote who can explain why this has taken place? Surely if you are that confident about your new baby you would be falling over each other to explain why this new version is an improvement, i.e. un upgrade, which is certainly the impression I got from your excited emails heralding this release. So are you standing by the removal of so many features and maintaining that Evernote 5 is an improvement on the previous version? or are you listening very closely to the very relevant comments in this thread by people who have got to know Evernote very well and use it accordingly, perhaps realising that there was not nearly enough consultation with power users of your software, and rethinking your approach? (i.e. how to bring back all the key features that have been pointed out as an essential part of the learned and functional part of the software.....) Evernote development and management team, I think it may be time we heard from you on this.....
  2. Having just upgraded to Evernote 5 and been baffled by the new interface, particularly the lack of back and forward buttons and changes to the way interactivity to the sidebar works I have managed with Nightstalker's link http://mac.filehorse.com/download-evernote/2755/old-versions/ to roll back to 3.3.0 and after syncing all is working perfectly. Phew!! What a relief it was too to get back to what I had got used to. Very much agree with the style over function comment and the extremely odd choice to dump functions that were not just working fine but were really useful!! I would like to hear specifically what the thinking was behind that, Jackolicious??
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