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  1. Update: to EN credit, they did up my data allowance after the sync blew through it. That got me by until I had time to uninstall and re-install which seems to have fixed the problem...for now. Fingers crossed
  2. WOW...I never realised I was blowing through all my data while NOT syncing...that's just a final kick in the balls. Now even if I get it working, I can't sync photos since I have no data left! By the way, i've been here since the ealy days of this thread late last year. Made the mistake of structuring some of my business around Evernote. Never thought I'd still be here SIX MONTHS LATER! I think it's finally time to move on. I'll even have to re-shoot instructional videos we did on how to use EN...I believed in the product and it has let me down, plain and simple. For the record: notes seem to sync fine from PC, and my old iPad but for some reason the iPad Minis I buy for clients don't work (embarassing me in front of clients, looks like I what I promise is BS)--photos are the initial culprit, but deleting them doesn't seem to work (and now that I know I have no data left, I can't even test it!) My wife has just mocked me for being stubborn and naive, still hoping EN will fix the problem. I'm out. Can we maybe turn this into a forum for ideas on what OTHER products people like since this one isn't working?
  3. I'm at the end of my rope here...we have a business that teaches people how to use the iPad for real estate, and much of it revolves around an Evernote function that no longer works... And I see no obvious end in sight. We also give iPad minis to every client specifically to use this function--taking photos with notes and having them synced so they have access to them at the end of the day. This is embarrassing for myself now as well as Evernote. I've taught literally hundreds of people to use Evernote for this one simple task and now I look like an idiot. I need to change instructional videos and find a completely different solution for my own clients. Sorry for the rant but I can't believe I'm paying for a premium membership so I can upload more photos...when I can't even sync one! Ive had it.
  4. Ditto--fist time I tried using the new Evernote with a client on my snazzy new iPad mini, and now I can't share their notes and photos with them...bad first impression to my client! Wanted to look like a tech whizz and now I just wish we used a camera and paper. Damn Lots of photos in the notes that won't sync so clearly we are all having the same issue Description: could not make HTTP request Reason: could not sync note "notename" Help...
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