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  1. I gave up on this long ago and hacked a solution to recover most of the notes. I looked in each with with a text editor and then copied out the content to a new one. I think it took me a week! Evernote developers were off building marginal to worthless products instead of paying attention to their flagship product. The CEO was more into selling day packs and *****. Hopefully the new management knows where to go with product.
  2. JMichael, EN customer support directly told me a couple of weeks ago that they don't want apps backed up and I remember it from the original terms of service that I accepted and that is why I have never backed up the apps. I try to follow the TOS of any software but I find it really hard to keep up with the contracts that Apple developers have to sign. They are overwhelming. As I've mentioned before, getting the data from CrashPlan was accomplished. I downloaded the EN db for the appropriate date, 12/23/14, to my desktop. I removed all the EN files from my MacBook Pro Retina and installed both the download and the Mac versions, although not at the same time of course. Both versions found the data on my desktop and integrated it into the new database in /content/. However, with that procedure and others recommended by EN support those local files never displayed in the UI.
  3. Thanks JMichael but CrashPlan doesn't want users backing up the apps. Also, the data and letter / number files in the database look exactly like the new ones. As a mediocre coder myself I would have no problem writing a loop to include all of those files in the UI object. I probably should have coded my recovery solution but I thought I could do it manually faster. Probably a mistake. My apps were backed up with Time Machine to Time Capsule but like many users experience with TM is freaks at times and corrupts the backup. Bad timing but it did that just before I realized I needed the EN data. Apple hasn't fixed this problem with TM yet. I'm trying a program called Data Backup as my 2nd local backup method. It seems to be working very well. I also stopped backing anything up to a rather new Time Capsule and instead backing up to a Seagate 4TB Expansion drive attached to Time Capsule. So far this seems more reliable. CrashPlan is working great to their cloud but they recommend not backing up to Time Capsule with their app. They only backup to drives directly attached to computers or other computers. For me this mess is over with. I've manually recovered all my local notes and wasted a week and a half full time. Of course I'm really pissed. By the way, I partied with the original EN team (in Russian) and helped EN recover a stolen campus bike. No more goodwill with me though.
  4. CrashPlan isn't the issue. It was easy to find and download my local notes files. The issue is that restored local notes can't be read by either the download or Mac versions of EN. It is easy to get them into the active database and I can see them living alongside the synced and new notes but EN won't add them to the UI. That is a coding problem. I asked the CSR if there are any dependencies on other files such as a registry of notes that I need to know about but she never would answer me on anything technical. I offered to drive up to Redwood City to show a programmer or her the problem but no response. In the 80's I used to fly all over the U.S. to show programmers what needed to be done to make their applications useful. While I appreciate JMichael's support it is rather stupid on the part of EN app dev that users have to go through his suggested hacks to recover their local notes, and those hacks don't seem to work sometimes or most of the time anyway. JMichael's time is precious also.
  5. After weeks of struggling with Evernote customer "service" I gave up on them and recovered the notes with my own solution. Various methods for restoring the old local notes with both the download and Mac versions, including the discussion above, did not recognize the local notes. The local notes were brought into the active database with each try but remained outside of the app UI. In each folder inside the /content/ folder I looked at that note's contents in quickLook.png. If I wanted to save it for the future I had to open the note.xhtml file in Dreamweaver and selected the Live tab to view a rendered preview of the note. I then used Command A to select all of the content and pasted it into a new note. This saved the formatting, usually. I lost about two weeks worth of time on this problem. For a Silicon Valley Internet entrepreneur with projects to build solving this problem is very expensive. My feelings toward EN for not coding an elegant and user friendly solution are very negative. At first I didn't realize the the rendered version of note.xhtml would preserve the formatting so I spent days recovering unformatted notes. When I was almost done I found that copying a rendered note is much better and I had to go through hundreds of notes again. The notes won't render in a browser. I tried Safari, Firefox, and Chrome. They present only the document tree in xml format. To save your notes you need an integrated development environment for building Websites and use the preview mode. It seems that EN customer support is off-shored and the agent I was stuck with has poor judgement. Nothing unusual about that, heh? It took EN support about 2 weeks to respond to my request for help and I'm a premium customer. So all the notes I really wanted to keep are saved and synced with the EN cloud. My memory of the notes I've kept is now refreshed and current, a small but nice benefit of this torture. Also, I think my notes are a little better organized but that is difficult to know because EN doesn't retain notebook info with the notes. However, the reason I had local notes is because I didn't want them downloaded to my iPhone and iPad. EN has no solution for that. We'll see what OneNote does when it is released for the Mac. I hope I bump into their CEO at a tech conference soon. I have a few things to say.
  6. I found the location of the notes but not their headers, yet. They are in hxml form and a pain to read. I've restored them from CrashPlan Central to my computer. I'll contact EN support about how to get them back into EN for Mac - App Store version 6. The notes are living in: user/ Library/ Containers/ com.evernote.Evernote/ Data/ Library/ Application Support/ com.evernote.Evernote/ accounts/ www.evernote.com/ some numbers/ content/ What strange minds thought of this file hierarchy. I hope there is a reason besides too many nights on caffeine. In the content file are a lot of folder names that are long numbers. Inside each of those is the note.xhtml file which contains the note data. Every note is in the same named file. There is also a quickLook.png file and snippet.txt. Both of those give you a clue about the note's contents. However, there is no note headers in the note.xhtml file which makes recovering these a long ugly process unless tech support has a method that works. I'll post the method I end up using.
  7. OK, thanks. The problem I have is that the CrashPlan backup is only files by date, not folders by date. So in the restore mode I can see individual files by backup date all in the same folder, for each folder in that stack. I need to select only the specific files inside the folders. I can't restore the whole www.evernote.com folder, just the relevant files by date in it. I suspect I'll have to hack the sqlite file. I haven't worked with database flat files before but I can learn. Hopefully not encrypted and hopefully that is the file with my local notes. Nothing else in those folders make sense for note storage. I let my pro membership expire because I wasn't using the features and storage. May have to activate again. EN gave pro to me because I located one of their stolen campus bikes and alerted them.
  8. I'm not restoring from a previous version that I know of. I have v6 and I think I've had v6 for a while unless my app was quietly updated after 12/16. I have the Mac App Store version if that makes a difference. I can't believe EN has created a better restore experience. This one is a train wreck. After a crash or whatever I just need to restore my local files, the ones I don't want downloaded to my iPad and iPhone. This shouldn't be rocket engineering.
  9. Thanks JMichael! I understand this although it is something like heart surgery :-) What a horrible user experience! The About page option sends me to www.evernote,com folder. Am I supposed to restore everything in that folder or as far back up the file hierarchy to com.evernote.evernote? Previously I only restored the sqlite file. Also, syncing isn't working, my 3rd question. The only notes in my desktop EN are ones that I modified in the Web app. It won't download the rest. Any ideas? Start over and reinstall? I don't have the old local notes now anyway. My hack with the sqlite file apparently corrupted EN. All I did was rename it to see if replacing it with the backup sqlite file would work. It didn't so I renamed the original back to the original name. EN seems to hate that.
  10. Questions: 1) Which EN file on a Mac stores my local non-synced notes? I'm using EN v6. 2) How do I get the notes out of it and into a new one? 3) After trying to make a hack work how do I get even synced notes back into the desktop app? The Story: Apple had me erase / format my SSD storage drive and reinstall everything from scratch to fix a display problem, it wouldn't wake from sleep. While that worked I've had more than a few challenges getting my apps fully operational again. One problem is that the reinstalled Evernote didn't have my local non-synced notes. I'm using both CrashPlan and Time Machine but TM is a mess and wipes out my sparse file about once a week and starts over. My EN data on TM is lost. However, I have older backups in CP. I found this file buried a bunch of folders deep in the user library, LocalNoteStore.sqlite, and restored it to the desktop. The backup date is just before I cleaned my SSD drive. (No hard drive on a Retina version MBP.) My guess is that my local notes live in that database. I thought I was being cleaver and quit Evernote, renamed the existing db that was from the recent install, and dragged the restored version to that folder. Booted Evernote and nothing is there, not even the synced notes. Yes, I'm logged in. So I reversed that procedure and booted Evernote and still nothing although it is using the db I just renamed and then changed the name back to the original. It appears EN didn't like that hack. It refuses to download my synced notes. I can see them in the Web app though. Any ideas what to try next? I found nothing relevant online. Jim Santa Clara, CA
  11. Thanks gazumped. I understood what can be done on his end but curious about what Evernote does with unshared notes and notebooks. Jim
  12. I shared a notebook with a guy who I was in partnership discussions with. We decided not to form a partnership and I unshared my notebook. What happens on his end? Does he still have the notebook and notes or does it disappear the next time he syncs? I believe this issue is platform agnostic.
  13. This has probably been requested many times but I'll bug the developers again. I'm close to converting from OneNote, which I love, to Evernote, which I mostly like better, EXCEPT... It is vastly easier to stay organized in OneNote because instead of cutting and pasting a paragraph or table row I can click on them and easily drag them to a new position. I find the especially useful with tables. As I decide a lower row is more important I can move it up when evaluating software for instance or designing a business model or some conceptual framework. Evernote tables are still barely useful for most of my work. Maybe it isn't possible to have this drag feature in a synced product. I'm sure the coding is complex unless there is a class for this somewhere. I would like this feature on at least the iPad, Mac, and Windows products. Also, highlighting is very useful. - jim
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